Are you struggling to sort out how to care for your aging loved ones?

Don't panic... We've got your back!

Whatever Your Situation, We're Here To Help

Planning for the future

Everything's fine now, but you know that at some point, things are going to change and you want to get ahead of it while you still can.

Need more care

Things were stable for a while, but now health is deteriorating and you can no longer keep up with the care needs. Something's got to change.

Solve a crisis

S&*% hit the fan. A partner died, or someone broke something, or health or finances deteriorated unexpectedly. You need help yesterday.

Why Care Detective?

When we first started trying to find care for my mother-in-law, we didn’t even know what to search for. I was literally doing Google searches on “Sick mom’s husband just died” and “how do I get care for someone who makes too much for medicaid but not enough to pay for care herself.”
As you might imagine, these search results weren’t particularly helpful.
Luckily, at the same time, our daughter started working in Home Health Care. We began to learn some of the terminology that generated better search results. Sort of….
Know I knew how to find tons of information, but it still didn’t really help guide us in practical questions like, “What’s the first thing I need to do?” or “She’s falling a lot… what’s next”
That’s the goal here at Care Detective… To get you practical answers when you need them.
Our goal is to design and create a more user-friendly approach to finding care solutions. We start with questions that help us understand your unique situation. We weed through the mountains of information and possibilities so that you don’t have to. 
The end result is a custom game plan designed just for you. And where there isn’t a clear-cut path, we’ll supply you with the questions you’ll need to narrow down the options.
Lining up care for your loved ones is draining enough. Our hope is that some clear guidance will give you space to focus on what’s truly important — the limited time you have left to share your love and caring.