Care Detective is the brain child of Kirsti and Casey, a mother-daughter team, who decided that solving long-term care issues HAD to be easier than spending 80 hours on Google searches, 28 hours interrogating specialists, untold hours trying to integrate what we learned, and then another godforsaken amount of hours trying to implement the whole mess....

...All while being kind, loving and compassionate to our family member who required the care.


Kirsti Hegg, CEO

Kirsti has worked on 4 startups in the last 2 decades, including Teacher's Toolbox ( She is passionate about finding ways to help companies and people accomplish necessary tasks as efficiently as possible, to clear out space to live creative, whole-hearted lives.

Casey Hegg, Care Team Leader

Casey has a background in Psychology and has worked in mental health facilities and Home Health Care. She loves working directly with the aging and their families to help their planning go more smoothly.